Pandemic Painting #23

My rendition of Linda Ronstadt is Pandemic Painting #23.

Here is my second crack at this, first done in 1977. Yeah, 43 years ago I did a larger version of this magazine photo (couldn’t talk Linda into sitting for me…). That painting is one of only two paintings of mine that I have framed and on the wall in my studio. (The other is a portrait of Bill Russell that I did in 1975.) The ’77 one was done in an attempt at egg yolk tempera and it turned out pretty good.

But this piece is straight up Winsor & Newton watercolors with a touch of Inktense w.c. pencils. I did use 5-ply vellum surface Bristol board, which is what I used 43 years ago.

Time tripping back to another me – I’m glad I retained my watercolor chops.
Stay healthy, y’all.

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