Pandemic Painting #24

A couple of years ago I took a group hike at West Beach, now part of the Dunes National Park system, and took a bunch of photos. We were allowed to tread sand that regular folks were not, so I got to see wonderful vistas like this one. I snapped this photo reference on a hill overlooking a marvelous dune with one of those cool inlet “lakes” in the background.

This entire area is special to me, as when I was a kid, I lived just across County Line Road from the dunes that would become West Beach. Memories are such a lovely thing.

For this, I floated some Winsor & Newton watercolors on an Arches 300# cold press block. The grass in the foreground has an added benefit of some W&N white gouache mixed with color. Just don’t tell the American Watercolor Society.

Be safe, everyone.

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